Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you have a desire to learn about the Search and rescue process, you have a dog that you feel would make a good SAR (Search and Rescue) dog, or you want to use your love for the outdoors to make a difference in the world there is an opportunity for you at Argus. There are needs for volunteers of all types and backgrounds:

Dog Handler

Dog handlers use their dog to help locate lost persons. Handlers must provide their own dog which must exhibit the necessary traits and potential to be a work dog. There are many different skills that a dog can have to be a good member of the team. For a list of the different types of SAR dogs refer to the Canines link on the left. Handlers and their dogs must meet the training requirements in order to be an *active member and be used in the field on searches. Handlers are expected to attend practices twice a week along with all the necessary training.

Training Subjects

Dog trainers are volunteers who do not handle dogs but assist in their training. Subjects act as "lost" persons during problems in order for dogs to receive scenarios that are as realistic as possible. Both roles require a love dogs and the outdoors and also require some physical ability and the ability to follow simple directions. The will need to be able to attend weekly practices

Ground Searchers

Ground searchers primarily assist with actual searches but also assist with dog training at practices. Ground searchers are required to complete the search and rescue course requirements must be willing to help and interact with strangers and also have the physical ability to carry out their roles and assignments and become an *active member.

Radio Operators

Radio Operators assist with dog training and assist on actual searches. They are required to complete search and rescue courses, must obtain an amateur radio license, love the outdoors and have the willingness to help and interact with strangers. Some physical ability is required and must be an *active member.

Friends of Argus

All members of ARGUS participate strictly on a volunteer basis. Search and Rescue Training and actual searches require a lot of time and equipment. If you are interested in donating money and/or supplies to ARGUS you can contact us through the Contact link and will receive a more detailed description of the short term and long term needs of the Argus team and their canines

*Active members must meet the minimum requirements for training and certification as listed on the "Training Page". Active members are also required to be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers who are under the age of 18 are welcome to attend practices when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian but may not attend practices.