Argus Canine SAR Information Sheet

24-hour emergency number: (812) 650-4487


Executive Summary

Argus Canine Search and Rescue is a specialty response organization available to Monroe County and the surrounding area on a continuous basis at no charge to the requesting agency or the lost person.  Argus personnel are volunteers, nationally-certified in search tactics and trained in first-aid/CPR.  For optimum readiness, Argus personnel and canines train together twice a week, year-round.   Argus personnel abide strictly by the codes of conduct defined by the Indiana Search and Rescue Association (INSARA) and the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR).

*Argus can only be activated by law enforcement request either directly

or through LE request to IDHS for resources*


Activation procedure

1.   Gather information about the incident, including a description of the missing person, relationship to the reporting party, suspected injuries, history of similar behavior, the search area, the command post, and the staging area if one has been designated.

2.   Dial (812) 650-4487 and leave a message when prompted. Please leave your agency and callback information.  The message distributes immediately to our watch officers and you will receive a callback within 5 minutes.

3.   Argus personnel will respond to the scene or to the staging area if one has been designated.  The watch officer will integrate with your incident command.


Certifications and Training

·    Trained Ground  search  personnel:  each  Argus  active  member  has  completed  a  40-hour course in the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue, is able to navigate over land by map and compass during day or night.

·    Qualified  canines:  Argus’  area  dogs  are  trained  to  locate  a  living  or  deceased person within a wide area and Argus’ cadaver dogs (also called  a  human remains dog) are trained to pinpoint fragments of the remains of a deceased person.

·    Assistance with search management: each Argus watch officer has completed a 32- hour course in Managing the Lost Person Incident, the FEMA course on the Incident

Command System, and has commanded mock search operations during at least one regional 24-hour training exercise.

·    Maps:  Argus responds  with  topographic and aerial maps  of  the  search  area  suitable  for wilderness navigation.  Argus can supply extra copies for other field personnel and the command post.

·    Medical care for the lost person once found: All field qualified personnel hold current certifications in CPR (professional rescuer) and First Aid.

·    Communications: Argus responds with portable radios and several licensed amateur radio operators.  A portable radio repeater is available if necessary.

·    Mutual aid: Argus has contacts with other SAR organizations throughout Indiana and can assist you in summoning additional searchers when required.


Argus Canine SAR is capable, qualified, and ready to help

your agency locate the lost person!


John Poehlman, director

P. O. Box 1906 • Bloomington, IN • 47402  


Administrative calls: (317) 662-4838

      Emergency calls: (812) 650-4487





revised May 2017



             Emergency calls:

           (812) 650-4487


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