About Us

Argus, formed in 2000, was created to train and deploy ground search teams and specialty canine units. The team provides our local area of Monroe County, Indiana and surrounding areas with well-trained and experienced operational units. Members of Argus have experience in ground search, first aid, navigation, communications, crime scene preservation, emergency medicine, geographic information systems (GIS) and search management.

Argus is a not-for-profit group based in Bloomington, Indiana. Our team consists of volunteers from the local community. New volunteers are welcome to join or simply visit one of our twice-weekly training events to see what we're about. Send us an email and we'll be glad to let you know when and where the next one is.

Argus offers the following services to public safety agencies free-of-charge in support of SAR:

  • Canine Air Scent and HRD
  • Ground Search Personnel
  • Communications Support
  • Search Management
  • Mapping/GIS Support
  • Mutual Aid with other SAR Teams
  • Preventative SARĀ Presentations
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